The NOPIA research group is studying all nocturnal Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) and more specifically:

Nocturia - Nocturnal incontinence and bedwetting - Nocturnal retention - Nocturnal Polyuria


Nopia is a genus of moth in the family Geometridae. Their scientific name derives from the Ancient Greek geo or 'the earth' and metron or 'measure' in reference to the way their larvae, or inchworms, appear to "measure the earth" as they move along in a looping fashion.

They have slender abdomens and broad wings which are usually held flat with the hindwings visible. As such they appear rather butterfly-like but in most respects they are typical moths: they fly at night, they possess a frenulum to link the wings, and the antennae of the males are often feathered.

The name NOPIA research group reflects to this nocturnal waking up and activities as well to the first letters of nocturnal polyuria and the last letters of nocturia

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