Dr. Frederik Paulsen Chair

Structure of the interstitium:

Dr Frederik Paulsen Chair

Funding agreement between Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Ghent University (UGent), for scientific research during 3 years.

Chair holder: Prof. Jens Peter Nørgaard

Promotor : Prof. Karel Everaert, NOPIA research group, Ghent University Hospital

Co-promotors : 

Prof. Johan Vande Walle (SafePedrug unit, Ghent University Hospital)

Prof. Ann Raes (Pediatric UroloNephrological Centre, Ghent University Hospital)

Prof. Piet Hoebeke (Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Ghent University)

Sponsor: Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Ferring International Center S.A. Ch. de la Vergognausaz 50; CH-1162 Saint-Prex; Switzerland

Supported by: the NOPIA research group, the International Nocturnal Polyuria Research Group (INPRG), the Pediatric UroloNephrological Centre (PUNC) and the SafePedrug unit of the Ghent University Hospital.

Aim of the chair:

The project aims to conduct multidisciplinary research on several issues in the field of the circadian rhythm of water and sodium retention, the role of the interstitial space on water handling and edema, both in children and adults, including the elderly.

During the last decade we have extensively studied water and salt handling in the human body in children and adults. Nevertheless, the exact role of the interstitium on this matter remains unclear. As a result, this has involved a number of pilot studies, such as the water shift study, which was conducted in 2018-2019 and now makes it possible to establish a new domain of research. This new understanding will be based on the most recent knowledge, skills, techniques and therapeutics, focusing on the third space of the human body and will help us to better understand the mechanisms behind the human water and salt handling. This will also coincide with a new approach to drug evaluations in children and older people, which takes into account the important distinctions between the different populations. The scientific approach which will be taken is partially based on existing technology, and will lead to directly applicable and patient-oriented clinical tools and approaches to nocturnal LUTS as they are encountered throughout life.

With this Dr Frederik Paulsen chair, UGent aims to produce new scientific insights into the mechanisms behind nocturnal LUTS and, in parallel with this, optimize patient-oriented healthcare. The four research groups involved in this Chair are very much integrated into international consortia and guideline committees and have expertise with the methodology.

This chair is also part of the RESTLES consortium (RESTyle your LifE and Sleep) which provides research that will create life style solutions for problems linked to the circadian or day/night rhythm.

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