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    Online Dutch version available !

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  • NOPIA Autumn School Provisional Program
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    NOPIA Autumn School

    9th November 2018
    Aula UGent, Volderstraat, Ghent, Belgium


    Dear Colleagues, Speakers, Moderators and Friends,

    With exception of the 4 classical keynote lectures, we use a different set-up for all other lectures.
    There is 1 interview based consultation type of session and 6 case build educational sessions of whom 2 longer ones and 4 shorter ones.

    Each case build educational session starts with a case presented by the moderator, the audience can vote, the result is displayed and compared to the results of an expert panel that voted the same case or a guideline.
    Educational short lectures of 5 min will discuss the difficult aspects of the case and learn the audience how to deal with each aspect of multi-causal nocturia.
    Each short lecture is followed by a discussion.

    The cases will provided.


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